Wednesday, 22 January 2014

heidi klein- The Matriarchs of Swimwear

Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis; most of us girls have an enormous amount of them in our swimwear drawer, ready to go out on the prowl when abroad - once we have finally achieved that toned stomach. That toned stomach is something that we would all be willing to work for if we got our hands on a piece of heidi klein swimwear, which is loved by the likes of Vogue and sold on all the high-end online retailers.

So, when the opportunity arose to interview the lovely Heidi Gosman (one half of the heidi klein duo) I was delighted and snapped it up promptly. 

 Firstly, how did you and Penny Klein meet? And what drew you both to think of heidi klein?

We started out as colleagues and friends many years ago at a new media company.  We worked together on a retail concept for a big client analysing airport and holiday spend.  With further research, we noticed a huge gap in the market for a year round holiday shop.

What type of women are the inspiration behind your swimwear that Vogue UK quoted as having a "great fit and gorgeous confidence guarantee"?

All women! All our customers both in our stores and wholesale clients worldwide are our inspiration. We listen to their feedback, good and bad, which then feeds in to the collection.

 Your repertoire doesn't seem to just be restricted to swimwear, as heidi klein sells beach clothing, bags and also menswear and children's wear. Is there anything you haven't tried that you would like to?

We would love one day to look into beauty offering. Beauty is so important especially when wearing a bikini, women want to feel confident and glamorous.

 Finally, are there any exciting projects on the horizon?

Apart from the High Summer collection launching in May, we’d looking to expand our wholesale offerings to more far flung places globally, especially the US.


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