Friday, 31 January 2014


When told for my most recent college project that I had to make a film for one of my final pieces, I knew instantly that I wanted my project to be about socks. 

Socks have been my one weird obsession in life, the one where I find it difficult to see odd socks on someone and poor quality socks upset me too, especially if they go hand in hand with an otherwise beautiful outfit. 

So please sit back, enjoy and listen carefully to what my interviewees have to say. Because, to impart an enallage, socks are eternal important to the world of fashion.



  1. This is so cute and a little funny. I absolutely agree, socks can sometimes make or break an outfit!

  2. Wonderful concept for a college project. I blogged about socks a couple of weeks ago. They are so significant in fashion right now. I am following you. I hope you can check out my blog if you like.


  3. socks are an important part of my life i love them too, Good work