Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ashish and The Glorification of Shopping Bags

In the dawn of our Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion week, I find myself looking back to Spring/Summer, trying to refresh my mind and seek what our favourite designers might bring to the catwalk this season. However, on doing this I stumble across Ashish Gupta's sequinned shopping bags from his S/S 14 show and find myself falling in love. 

Ashish has always been a big fan of sequins and his S/S 14 show was no exception, sequins being spread throughout many of the looks he showed. This season, his narrative was clear: a party animal in the morning of the night before, dressed in remnants of the evening's attire and on their way back from the shops for a well needed brunch (and Coca Cola it seems from the repetitive use of the logo throughout).

But the bags, oh those bags, they have made me yearn. There is something about the way you hold a shopping bag; not in the crook of your elbow as you would your regular designer 'it' bag but with your arm straight by your side, reflecting perfect symmetry and, in my eyes, strength. 

But through these shopping bags Gupta is also making a point of his love for the internationality of shop owners, his catwalk was one of the most culturally diverse of the season. Gupta said "It was all a celebration of everything international and what a great multicultural city we live in"

He's won my heart.



  1. I love this! It's incredible the way a designer can take such a mundane object and transform it into couture.

  2. Yes, I agree with your post and the other comments, what a striking, beautiful and strong catwalk. The models look incredible, so much so that they have managed to glamorise one of the least glamorous objects, the lowly plastic shopping bag. Stunning.

  3. mm. Love these looks, so bold and eccentric! I've nominated you for a Leibster Award love! Click on the link and scroll to the end of the post to see how to receive it:

  4. love the stripe dress :)