Saturday, 1 March 2014

An Editor's Letter - March

One of the most memorable moments of February, for me, was sitting on the phone to my  Mum after getting back from the Giles LFW show and telling her how in that moment, then and there, I believed it had been the best month of my life. Honestly, it was.

Not only was I graced with the honour of being able to go to London Fashion Week, LDNXX, the magazine I was writing for, asked me to be their Fashion Editor which is an absolute priviledge as their online magazine/blog is completely wonderful and I am thrilled to be a part of it. (

In related news, depending on how long you have been following this little slice of my life I call my blog will determine how well you understand my longstanding dream of going to London College of Fashion. At first, I grant you, it was to be a Fashion Photographer and it was only the past year that made me realise Journalism is so much more me. So, I dove in and applied this year for Fashion Journalism and on Wednesday got the acceptance email. I don't think I have ever felt excitement, relief and pure happiness to that level. 

So, as a parting message for the month of March: always, always be the best you can be. Don't stop doing what you love because one day you will be rewarded for your efforts and you will be thankful you put the work in. 


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  1. Absolutely. If it's worth dreaming about then give it your all xx