Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Minimalism of Calvin Klein - Pre-Sping 2015

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Calvin Klein is a brand that has always been famous for its aesethetically pleasing, minimalistic cool with its sleek shapes and monochromatic palette. However, the collection Francisco Costa offered up for Calvin Klein Collection's Pre-Spring 2015 show was effortless. In contrast to last season's rolls upon rolls of fluff and furry mohair, the materials were crisp and flat allowing the clothes to seamlessly fall into a resort feel. The palette kept to whites, blacks (of course), beiges, blues and one coral offering with embellishments of plastic zips and the Lucite flowers embroidered in a grid-like manner on to the last two dresses.  

The shapes were long, slim and followed the form of the body, finishing just above the knee. Costa told, "We imagine the average height of an American woman is 5'10" and short lengths work for her." However the Calvin Klein woman must be very slender and model like, as the box-cut of the dresses would be unflattering on anyone with large shoulders or large hips as it would create an uneven silhouette on the wearer.

Nevertheless, the collection is one that is successful in keeping with the Calvin Klein brand and the touch on the sixties/seventies silhouette is one we are all enjoying right now, as proved by the popularity of Nicolas Ghesquière's first show for Louis Vuitton.


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