Sunday, 19 January 2014

Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2014

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Like anything design-based that comes out of Stockholm, Acne Studios always produces collections with understated beauty and elegance. The structure and shape of Jonny Johansson's collection this pre-fall is one of simplicity, with minimalistic strength; the focus is more on the fabric and textures used throughout the collection. Persian lamb, neoprene, silk and leather are mated together to enhance the whole appearance of the collection. I have no doubt that, this season, this is my favourite collection.

The floral motif, one of the few graphic elements of the collection, are based on a similar cutout Johansson stumbled across his son creating. Really, they serve as a beautifully simplistic element to continue to tie the collection together. Furthermore, the use of pairing leggings with open-toe heeled sandals adds a fresh outlook to pre-fall, especially when under a wide cut skirt, dress or coat. 




  1. I'm loving all the weighty fabrics in this collection.

  2. Not my personal style: they're very unusual though. Dramatic but simplistic! By the way, you are incredibly gifted in writing!

  3. I've always liked Acne collections, and I feel like the brand never disappoints me. So they did this time, I personally really like it! xx